Main page of a scene

Here you can find the general structure of a scene.

The amount of buttons can depend on what functions a user has access to. These can be the following: 

  • Back to main page
  • add a New tool
  • "Fill in based on an old one"
  • add a New sub-scene
  • Summary table
  • manage Members
  • edit Scene information
  • setting Scene actions
  • Scene settings


Under the top menu bar you can find the list of sub-scenes (if there are any), and then the scene tools: 

  • newsboards
  • forums
  • blogs
  • tasks
  • attendances
  • exams
  • self-assessments
  • surveys
  • applications
  • polls
  • grouping
  • links
  • idea boxes
  • documents
  • glossary

You may not find all of the tools in a scene, because it depends on the professor what tools are in a scene.