Scenes are the prime focus of dinamic e-learning in CooSpace. Most of the scenes are automatically created course scenes from the institutes' systems (ETR, Neptun). New scenes are generated automatically at the beginning of a semester, and they will be archived at the end of it. (Archived scenes' content can no longer be modified, but the scene and its' contents are accessible.)

Scene list

After logging in, the active scenes are listed on the right side of the screen. 

Scene info

Public information is provided about each scene in CooSpace. Those users, who are not a member of a scene, can only access the public description of it. Users can find any scene with the search tool and access its' public desciption.

Main page of a scene

Here you can find the general structure of a scene.

Scene summary

With the summary table you can easily review all your activities within one scene (e.g. exams, attendances, tasks... etc.).