In CooSpace, every user has a virtual profile that they can customize.

Some data on your profile is provided by your institute system, so this information cannot be modified in CooSpace (for example your email address). Although, certain data can be modified or added (for example  Skype username or telephone number, etc.) You can also upload a profile picture to your profile. 

To see your profile, click on your name, which you can find on the left side of the screen (next to your profile picture). You can also go to your profile by clicking on your own name anywhere in CooSpace (e.g. scenes, forum comments, etc.)


If you have entered your CooSpace profile, it looks similar to this: 


Edit profile info

If you would like to edit your profile information, enter your profile, and select the "Change data" icon. 

Edit profile picture

To change your profile picture, click on the "Change photo" button. 


You can manually set e-mail notifications in connection with every tool in CooSpace. 

File quota

You have a personal storage limit for your uploaded files. You can find information about the size of your quota (how much space you are provided to upload content to CooSpace), and the usage of your storage space.