In CooSpace, every user has a virtual profile that they can customize.


CooSpace stores a large amount of data from scenes that is connected to deadlines and time intervals. These time-related data has a great impact on professors' and students' time schedule, so CooSpace provides a calendar for every user. Your personal calendar contains all of your time-related data from all your scenes: deadlines, attendances, appointments, tests etc. Every scene is actually an own layer in the calendar, and these layers can be switched on/off, therefore the time schedule of different scenes can be viewed separately. Your CooSpace calendar can be synchronized to external calendar services also (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook Calendar), therefore it makes it easy to import your CooSpace activities into your calendar. 


Files are only accessibe to the owner of these documents, and they can shared in different scenes with different people. Therefore CooSpace creates a knowledge base where you can store, share and discuss contents.  



The personal Glossary is a useful tool to create defintions, vocabularies and more. It is also possible to share your glossary in different scenes.


You can write personal notes in every tool of every scene. These notes are only accessible for you and you can manage them in the scene or tool that they were made, or in the left menu bar (Personal/Notes), where you can find all of your notes.